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The Knee Fix 6 Point Assessment
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Pain is scary. The Knee Fix is a system design to eliminate that fear and replace it with confidence.  We can't measure your progress, however, without some data.  That's where the assessments come in.   

Your Movement Prescription  
The human body is a system built to move. When that system is running smoothly, movement is carefree and done with ease. Then one day something happens and out of nowhere you wake up and feel a twinge in the knee. That twinge moves around the knee, turns chronic, and you feel stuck.    

The Knee Fix is the leading digital rehabilitation system combining physical therapy, movement, and strength training.

Our mission is not just about healing your pain but empowering you with the tools and information you need to understand the root causes and heal you for life.    

Similar to going to a doctor, you need a prescription to heal. The Knee Fix difference is there are no pills or scoping procedures, nor is it limited to just temporary relief.    

Your prescription is a personalized movement plan designed for your specific pain and limitations.    

How do you know your limitations?   It all starts with a six-point assessment.    

What is an assessment?    
An assessment is a self-administered test that can be done in less than ten minutes in the privacy of your own home.  This assessment is your baseline.    

The Knee Fix assessment will find the root cause of your knee pain and create a customized plan based on six tests.  These tests will be measured before you begin the program and every four weeks thereafter to provide quantitative feedback on your progress.    

In less than eight weeks you may never need to visit a specialist again. 
What are the assessments?  

The Knee Fix Level 1 assessment is a six-point analysis of knee health, upstream and downstream joint flexibility, and stability.  We have found these are the KEY components to health knees.   

To do this you will begin by testing joint function and learning global movement patterns. A global movement pattern is the default way your body performs a task. Bending, twisting, reaching, and balancing are movements we do every day without much thought. An inability to perform these movements CORRECTLY well may be culprit for your knee pain.

1. Ankle Dorsiflexion   
2. Ankle Plantar Flexion  
3. Global Flexion
4. Global Balance and Stability
5. Landing and Tracking Control  
6. Symmetry and Hip Strength    

These movements may be a distant hope and cause pain today but they are baseline measures for your health, longevity, and pain free future.    

Customized Plan of Action  
The result of each assessment will be scored and recorded so you can track your progress. Additionally, the results will provide you with a personalized action plan designed specifically to meet your movement needs.    

If you struggle with flexibility, you will get specific work to increase range of motion. If you have trouble with balance or control, you will receive rotational drills to begin the process of rebuilding that movement pattern. The same applies for each area of limitation.  

The Knee Fix assessment is the baseline and hallmark of living a pain free life.    

What results can I expect?   

On average, in eight weeks, participants see a 70-100% reduction in pain depending on their baseline assessment.    

By combining cutting edge physical therapy, intelligent strength-building, personalized assessments, and customized movement plans, you can have less knee pain today, tomorrow, and forever. 

Your Movement Prescription starts with a six point, customized assessment.   Let’s start your journey today, shall we?
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